I'm not good at street photography; I'm just not scared ...


In each image (for the most part), I noticed something that I didn’t quite see in real time. Now I know, to a certain extent, this is expected, I’m looking at still images of a live moment, surely I couldn’t see everything during the time of photographing. But man, some of these things were right in my face and I didn’t even notice them.

I’m talking poles, people in the background, possible juxtapositions, even unplanned reactions. I know it’s supposed to be my job as a street photographer to take notice of these things, but in an honest moment, I usually don’t.

Here’s why: I’m not good at street photography. I don’t think about composition or juxtaposition. You’ll never see me follow the triangle rule or even the rule of thirds. I simply just take images, mostly up close and yeah, for the most part, I don’t see anything that’s not my subject.

I’m brave, not skilled.

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