When a copyright infringement search tool gets its copyright infringed ...


My name is Leila Boujnane, and I’m the CEO of TinEye, a reverse image search tool many photographers use to find copyright infringements on the Internet. This post is about how not even copyright infringement search tools are immune to copyright infringement.

We recently came across an exciting new website called PicQuery. It has a really awesome and clean design, but it seems familiar… because it has everything that TinEye has! TinEye colors, TinEye copy, exact copy-and-pasted HTML from the TinEye website, and even TinEye’s terms of service!

Any decent high school student plagiarizing their homework will tell you there are TWO key steps to faking an assignment: steal, then modify. PicQuery did a great job on step one, not so much on step two. Let’s take a look!

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