The photo lessons I learned from getting stuck in NYC for 2 weeks ...


Let’s be honest: how can one be stuck in NYC? NYC was supposed to be a four- or five-day stop for my project Around the world in 80 followers, but it worked out quite differently.

With this project, I aim to travel the world by staying on couches of followers of my Instagram or project in general. Up until then, 90% of the places I stayed at were arranged beforehand with people who followed me on Instagram. Just to be clear: I actually did not know them! 

However, nine possible hosts after New York canceled or did not respond to messages anymore, leaving me with no other sleeping spot than the one I had in NYC. It took me 10 days extra to find a new sleeping spot and this one was all the way over in Chicago.

This eventually meant I had to spend two weeks in NYC. After this huge setback, however, I was very fortunate at the same time to spend two weeks in NYC.

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