How I accidentally became a marriage proposal photographer ...


Being at the right place at the right time sometimes results in the unexpected. That’s exactly what happened to me on November 7th, 2017, when my wife and I were waiting to photograph the sunset at Lookout Mountains’ Sunset Rock while returning home from a West Virginia photo adventure.

I was shooting test photos when a couple from Chattanooga walked out onto the rock and sat down — right where I was hoping to get some shots of the Tennessee River snaking around Chattanooga. No problem: I just switched gear and asked them to pose for me. The images show the couple sitting and enjoying the stunning view of the surrounding area.

“Can you take a few more?” the man asked when I thanked them and promised to give them a copy of the image.

There was plenty of time before sunset, so I put the camera to my eye and started shooting… only to see the man — Alex Roberts — get down on one knee and pull out a box containing a diamond ring.

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