Using optical viewfinders on cameras that already have viewing systems ...


I recently posted a photo of a Sony A7R II with a Voigtländer 15mm f/4.5 Super Wide-Heliar lens and Voigtländer 15mm optical viewfinder mounted on the accessory shoe, on Instagram. Though not an unusual setup for me when I’m out shooting on the street, I received a flurry of comments questioning why I would be using an optical finder (OVF) when my camera already has an excellent electronic viewfinder (EVF) and an equally adept LCD. That’s a good question for which I happen to have an equally good answer.

My attraction to optical viewfinders has to do with visual simplicity. Specifically, when composing a photograph, I don’t want to have to peer through a barrage of backlit numbers and flashing icons. I want zero distractions—I don’t want my subject bordered by a Broadway theater marquee.

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