Updated: Sony a7R III is still a star eater ...


We sent some files to our friend Jim Kasson for analysis, and he confirms that the Sony a7R III is definitely still a Star Eater, despite several claims to the contrary that have been published online over the past week. That said, while his analyses don't suggest so, our images shot in the field suggest at least some improvement (more on this in the 'real world' section below).

Looking at Kasson's graphs, one can clearly see the noise reduction kick in at 4s and above in Kasson's Fourier transform energy plots. Indeed, in our own shots of the stars with the a7R III and latest a7R II bodies, while the a7R III looks slightly better, all bodies only show stars that are larger than one pixel with a few neighboring pixels. This suggests that smaller (single pixel) stars are indeed 'eaten' or dimmed due to a spatial filtering algorithm.

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