The wide bunch -- a guide to wide and extreme wide-angle lenses ...


Wide-angle lenses often add depth and drama to landscapes, architectural photographs, still-life, and other genres of photography. When employed judiciously, these lenses make a great addition to the kits of sports, adventure, and wildlife photographers, and are also an important option for portraitists who wish to include an environmental context. For the casual photographer, they are indispensable when shooting groups, such as friends gathered around a table. The wide-angle view can often provide a very short focus distance, allowing the photographer to get close to the subject and still include background information.

B&H offers hundreds of wide-angle-lens options, from circular fisheyes and “ultra-wide-angles” through versatile zooms, all the way to 40mm primes, which represent the blurry line between a wide-angle and a “standard” perspective. Featured below, organized by manufacturer, is a sampling of some high-performance and interesting wide-angle lenses that are available to enhance your shooting.

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