Reflex modular SLR unveiled: The first new manual 35mm SLR design in decades ...


Reflex has just launched the Reflex I: the first newly-designed manual 35mm SLR system to see the light of day in more than 25 years. The camera pairs a classic look with a modular design that enables personalization, including an interchangeable film back and lens mount. Reflex I supports legacy lenses, as well as both personally designed 3D-printed components and third-party accessories.

To help fuel the customization options, Reflex plans to freely release most of the camera's electronic and hardware designs once the camera officially hits shelves. Notable among the modular design is Reflex's I-Plate and included a universal M42 lens mount; the company says buyers can also use alternative mounts compatible with Nikon F, Olympus OM, Canon FD, and Pentax PK lenses.

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