Don't be this kind of wildlife photographer ...


Wildlife photography in Yellowstone National Park is an incredible opportunity, yet some bad photographers are giving all photographers a bad name by not following the rules. I won’t even get into the plain rudeness of too many “professionals” that further that bad name.

The rules for wildlife viewing in Yellowstone are very simple. You’re required to stay 100 yards away from bears and wolves, and 25 yards away from everything else. If an animal approaches within that distance, you’re supposed to back up or leave. If an animal is outside that distance and changes its behavior because of you, you’re still too close. The ONLY exceptions are when a park ranger is on the scene and allows the group to approach closer, or you’re driving by animals in your car.

Too many “photographers” visiting Yellowstone just don’t seem to get it, many of those calling themselves professionals. Even worse, more than a few obviously desperate photographers go as far as purposely harassing wildlife for a photo op.

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