I was sentenced to 15 years in prison by Egypt for taking pictures ...


When I returned to Egypt in August 2014 after studying civic engagement in the US, I found a country of failed revolution and lost aspirations; a country polarized and torn apart following three years of protests and clashes.

As a firm believer in liberalism, I soon realized that my place was neither with the military dictatorship running the country nor with the conservative Islamic opposition leading the protests in the streets. Even so, I yearned to actively participate in the political situation.

The question of how I could participate was answered in the form of a Flickr account I came across while checking my Facebook feed. It was the albums of photojournalist Mossa’ab Elshamy, a visual documentation of Egypt’s history in the last three years.

From there, I didn’t waste any time. I spent all my saved money on a Canon 600D DSLR camera and I started taking pictures of the protests happening in the streets of Cairo.

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