The return of Kodak's Ektachrome is nigh ...


Want to shoot Kodak’s extinct Ektachrome film again? You’ll be able to very, very soon. Kodak is saying that a limited supply of the resurrected film is coming by the end of the year, and a full relaunch is scheduled for 2018.

Kodak Alaris announced at CES back in January that it was planning to bring the classic Ektachrome film stock back from the dead, saying that 35mm Ektachrome would hit store shelves in the 4th quarter of 2017.

After months of silence, it appears that these plans are still on track. In response to a Facebook page inquiry about the upcoming film, Kodak responded by saying that a “limited supply” of the film will be available for “market testing” this year and that “availability” is coming next year.

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