5 gift-worthy camera bag solutions ...


In 1989, a flashy young tennis star named Andre Agassi began marketing cameras under the slogan: “Image is everything.” While Agassi’s now-iconic Canon Rebel campaign helped make a generation of weekend warriors look like savvy professionals, there is one aspect of the industry that his motto has yet to influence: camera bags. Seriously. Why is it so hard to find a functional camera bag that doesn’t look or feel terrible?

It seems like every other week a different startup releases a gorgeous bag that falls apart after a few months of use because the designers have no industry experience or cut the wrong corners during production. On the other end of the spectrum, many of the “classic” brands continue to churn out variations of the same ugly bags they made twenty years ago. Read the reviews on our website. Every bag is either too flimsy or too ugly. Surely, a middle ground exists. Am I asking too much? Here are five options that give me hope.

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