A Nikon D850 field test gone wrong ...


I was very excited when I first read about the new Nikon D850 and I knew that this camera would be exactly what I had been waiting for. The larger file size is welcomed from a fine art perspective and in combination with a highly improved focus system, fast processors and better ISO capabilities, I could easily see myself using this camera also for wildlife.

Unfortunately, Nikon has not been able to ship as many cameras as expected in the first batch and I was not able to get my hands on one before departing on a WildPhoto Travel photo tour to Alaska. That is when my local pro store, Stavanger Foto, stepped up and asked me if I would like to take their one and only demo camera with me to test in the field.

They didn’t have to ask twice.

Arrangements were made so they would have it back in Norway as soon as I returned from Alaska, as I was traveling on to another assignment in Mexico and they needed the camera in the store.

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