11 dumb things camera companies are still doing ...


As much as we talk about the lack of true innovation in the camera market, particularly when it comes to integration with the Internet and social media, every day I keep encountering cameras that have the same “hey this is the way it used to be” design philosophies underlying them.

I call it “lazy engineering.” Someone up top in management keeps screaming “cut costs,” and one of the ways you can cut costs is to not redesign something you’ve already designed. Just go with the solutions you’ve been using. Just use the parts you’ve been using. Buy cheaper, not-leading-edge parts.

But the real problem with lazy engineering is that user problems just stay unsolved. Solved user problems sell cameras. Unsolved ones don’t.

What’s the first thing most of us do after buying a new camera? Accessorize it properly. So let’s start there.

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