The D850 is Nikon's best video camera yet, but it's not ideal for video novices ...


SLRs weren't really designed for video but, thanks to the pioneering work of the Canon 5D Mark II, it's increasingly expected to be a feature they offer. Nikon has struggled more than its big rival in this respect, not helped by a reliance on contrast detect AF and a lens mount designed around the assumption that you'd never need to change aperture while taking a shot. It's also been somewhat held back by not having a camcorder or broadcast equipment division to lean on during the development process.

Despite all these hurdles, the D850 is the company's most capable video camera yet, with 4K capture taken from the full width of the sensor. But how videographer-friendly is accessing this capability? And, just as importantly for this do-everything super camera, what's it like to use for stills shooters, such as wedding photographers and photojournalists who're increasingly being asked to capture clips as well as stills?

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