A handy new site that converts iOS 11's .heic photos to JPEG ...


Apple’s new HEIF/HEVC photo formats will make it trickier to use and share iPhone photos in a world still dominated by JPEG images. Luckily, heictojpg.com is here to save the day with an easy-to-use conversion service.

iOS 11 will mean that your iPhone takes its photos in this new format rather than JPEG as we are used to in an effort to save a reported 50% in file size (with no loss of quality).

But using these new .heic files probably won’t be so simple to use readily. But, from the creators of Beamr and JPEGMini, HEICtoJPG will allow you to easily convert them.

It’s able to process up to 30 files at a time, and using the service is as easy as just drag and dropping.

Check it out, here.