This is why the Pentax 645Z DxOMark score of 101 was never published ...


If you dive into the comments on the recent news of the Nikon D850's chart-topping DxOMark score of 100, you'll notice a trend: people claiming that the Pentax 645Z actually scored 101 way back in 2015... before that score was unceremoniously scrubbed from the DxOMark website. So what's going on here? Conspiracy? Foul play? Piles of money being passed around under corporate boardroom desks?

Not quite. The truth, as is so often the case, is a little less unseemly.

A full review of the Pentax 645Z was never published, and that score of 101 only appeared online as part of a top cameras chart that showed up in DxOMark's review of the Sony RX1R II sensor. 

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