The woman who invented Robert Capa ...


Gerta Pohorylle was born in 1910 in Stuttgart, from a middle-class Jewish Galician family. She attended a Swiss boarding school, where she learned English and French and grew up receiving a secular education. In spite of her bourgeois origins, she became part of socialist and labor movements while still very young.

At the age of 19, she and her family moved to Leipzig, just before the affirmation of the German Nazi party. Gerta immediately showed her dislike and opposition to the regime, joining leftist groups and taking an active part in anti-Nazi propaganda activities.

In 1933, she was arrested and detained with the charge of handing out flyers. Gerta was released after 17 days and decided — or perhaps her family decided for her — to leave the Nazi Germany. She went to Italy for a short period and eventually moved to Paris.

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