A new camera just came out ...


There was a new camera that was just announced. It’s really good, apparently. It’s got more megapixels. A brighter screen. It can stack lots of images together. It does everything you’ve ever wanted.

There will soon be images on websites taken with this camera (resized for the Internet) that folk will pore over and convince themselves that they can see a difference between those taken with the shiny new camera and those taken with their own drab old camera. There might be some really cool photos of the new camera itself, probably taken with the old camera. Or maybe you’ll read a review by a photographer who’s been given one of these cameras to test. They always write a glowing review of the new camera and they always tell you they weren’t paid to write it. 

You’ll probably see lots of articles in magazines and on boring websites saying It’s The Last Camera You Will Ever Need.

It probably is. It’s probably brilliant.

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