Shooting in the studio with the Nikon D850 DSLR ...


By now you have probably heard a lot about the Nikon D850 DSLR. This new camera has been lauded by Nikon fans (and critics) and you’ll get no argument from me. As a colleague phrased it, “Nikon gave us everything we asked for with this camera,” and certainly, it is blessed with Nikon’s best features and latest technologies, including a 45.7MP sensor, native ISO to 25600, 153-point autofocus, a tilting, touchscreen LCD, and 4K UHD video. We took the D850 and a selection of Zeiss Milvus lenses to egg studios, in Brooklyn, to use the camera in a studio setting with natural light and strobes.

With a small team of artists, we put together an enjoyable shoot that highlights the camera’s most impressive features, not to mention the talents of makeup artist Tashi Honnery, model Lara Wolf, and photographer Cory Rice. I produced the shoot, took some BTS photos and spoke with Rice about his experiences using this camera. Below is an excerpt from our conversation and some of the photos we shot that day.

Read more, and see the sample images, from here.