Snapseed app updated with new interface and presets, adds perspective tool to iOS ...


Google has just pushed out an update to Snapseed, the popular mobile image editing app for iOS and Android. The update (version 2.18) is for both versions of the app, and offers users on both mobile platforms a new interface and 11 new image presets. Additionally, the iOS update has brought the app's Perspective Tool to Apple's mobile devices, enabling users to adjust the horizon and "skewed lines" using their iPhone or iPad.

The update was announced on the Google Plus Snapseed page, where the team explained that Snapseed 2.18 is redesigned to make accessing features more efficient while speeding up the overall editing process. The new interface, meanwhile, moves Looks to the main screen, a feature that enables users to save their favorite edits so they can be applied to multiple other photos quickly.

I love using Snapseed. It is one of my go-to photo apps on my iPhone 7 Plus (and soon-to-be iPhone X), and I welcome this new update from Google. This update is well thought-out and more intuitive than previous versions. However, I still feel the pain that Google isn't supporting the Nik Collection anymore. Read more, here.