Nikon Asia accused of sexism over D850 promotion that featured 32 men and 0 women ...


Nikon Asia is taking some serious heat ... after a Nikon D850 promotion featuring 32 photographers caught the eye of the blog Fstoppers. The issue with this so-called "awe-inspiring" promotion? It featured 32 men, and 0 women, a realization that has led to wide-spread criticism of the promotion and of Nikon as a whole.

The original article didn't hold back, claiming that "Nikon thinks [the D850] is too much for women to handle," since the company didn't select a single woman photographer for this particular promotion. Responses online were equally harsh, with some users asking Nikon when the female version of the D850 would come out ... and if it would be pink.

You may have heard about this, but this bears repeating. Read more, here.