Souvid Datta caught staging photo in 'Masters of Photography' finals ...


Controversy-stricken photographer Souvid Datta has raised some photographers’ eyebrows again, this time on the European reality TV photo competition Master of Photography. In the final round of the contest, Datta admitted to staging one of the photos when questioned by the judges.

Datta sparked a firestorm of controversy in the photojournalism community earlier this year when we reported that one of his photos documenting Indian sex workers contained a woman copied and pasted from a photo by renowned photographer Mary Ellen Mark. Datta soon admitted to manipulating a number of photos in his career, leading to at least half a dozen organizations rescinding awards and grants previously given to Datta.

At the time, Datta was already one of the 12 contestants in the second season of Sky Arts’ show Master of Photography, which awards a grand prize of €150,000 (~$175,000).

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