How to make a unique portrait in the city at night ...


"What makes a portrait into a portrait?

"Making a portrait is like baking a cake in a way, you need to mix the right ingredients, evenly set it in a tray and add some personal touches. Once the cake is in the oven there is no way back, a bit like pressing the shutter release, then the portrait is done.

"Any portrait, will always include a person, a background, and a key light that will allow the subject’s face and soul to come through in the picture. The subject, background and light are the ingredients, and your frame is the baking tray. Let’s hit the streets and bake the perfect portrait cake!

"The city, especially after sundown, has a vast variety of portrait ingredients to be found. Take your portrait subject with you, and go for a walk in the urban studio to look for frames, backgrounds, and light.

"The key to success, as always, lies in your eyes, so start looking at the city through a portrait lens, and look for balanced compositions that will frame a good portrait. Try to use what can be found on the streets, but if that’s not possible, a simple off-camera flash with white umbrella can complete the setup for the urban studio."

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