Landscape photography tutorial inspires you to get out of that creative rut ...


"Photographer Sean Tucker is not a landscape shooter. But he recently took a break from his usual work in the studio to escape ‘autopilot’ and drag himself out of the creative rut he’d been stuck in lately by experimenting with some landscape photography in Snowdonia in Wales.

"His thinking, he explained to us over email, was that giving himself a new challenge would hopefully recharge his passion for photography again by shooting in a genre he’s not as familiar with.

"The resulting video is a lot more than a landscape photography tutorial, although it is that as well. Throughout the video Tucker shares his shooting style, the philosophy behind each shot, apps he’s found helpful, and more. But he also shares his struggle to say inspired, his need to set his ego aside, and the reasons why this trip helped him to do all of that and more."

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