MonoShot is an ultra-portable tripod, monopod, and selfie stick ...


"If your smartphone serves as a primary camera in your life, you may have come across a Goldilocks-style conundrum when trying to figure out how to stabilize your phone and trigger it remotely. Standard tripods may be too big and bulky, but a selfie stick is too small and not versatile enough for your needs. The MonoShot is a product that fills the gap between the two ends of the spectrum.

"It’s a portable tripod that can take on a number of different forms to help stabilize your smartphone (or small camera) and allow you to set up remote shots. As a tripod, the MonoShot can be both big and small: the easy-to-use telescoping legs allow the tripod to expand up to 6-feet-tall or down to just 17 inches."

I've always felt wary of, and for the most part, successfully resisted and held-off, buying any of the available one-trick selfie stick. But this one--this is one that I'll buy. To read more, click here.