Vanity Fair photographers respond to accusation of Photoshop ‘bullying’ ...


"Vanity Fair photographers Mark Williams and Sara Hirakawa of Williams + Hirakawa were accused, very publicly, of Photoshop ‘bullying’ by Hollywood star Rumer Willis... But the photographers’ official response from earlier ... seems to indicate this story has been blown out of proportion.

"It’s not unusual these days for the young women of Hollywood to stand up for their real looks when they feel they’ve been Photoshopped by a major brand. The recent incident with Lena Dunahm—andher subsequent apology—springs immediately to mind.

"... Rumer Willis made her own accusation, attacking Vanity Fair and photographers Mark Williams and Sara Hirakawa in the Instagram post below, which has since been 'liked' over 10K times and received a flurry of support from fans."

While we're at it, let's stop hair and makeup 'bullying.' And also fashion 'bullying.' Celebrities shouldn't be getting hair styling and shouldn't wear makeup that dramatically alters their looks in any way. And they shouldn't wear any clothes that dramatically alters the shapes of their bodies. Not to forget, shoes that dramatically alter height and posture. And all those accessories that dramatically the idea of beauty through ornamentation. This whole thing is silly, ridiculous, and stupid. Ignorance is appalling. Some people don't deserve to be a celebrity.

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