I shoot portraits of strangers in my backyard ...


"Editors like to say, 'There are great pictures to be made right in your own backyard!'

"Come to think of it, there really is a lot going on in my backyard, or at least in my Baltimore back alley. Fugitives from justice have fled down my alley, pursued by police helicopters. I once found a trail of blood that stretched for hundreds of yards. I followed it the whole way, and at the end found a guy with a badly cut hand sitting on a curb.

"Angry adolescents smoking cigarettes, teen moms, red-haired research scientists, museum curators, hip musicians, and the son of a b*tch who keeps breaking into my car — all pass down my alley. After watching this parade continue for years, I decided that the photo editors were right, and my alley portrait project was born. I’ve spent years traveling to exotic locations, from the mountains Pakistan to the jungles of Colombia, to shoot, but now whenever the mood strikes, I will set up a little studio right on my parking pad and wait for subjects to walk by."

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