Lighting through a window, people in still life in the style of 1600s Dutch painters ...


"A few months ago I was working on putting together a still life shoot with a fantastic stylist and a friend of mine, Kiki Tse. She had come up with this beautiful idea for a shoot: to represent a person in a still life context by the use of some of their personal effects.

"To know someone’s possessions; to see a navigational chart from their grandad; an amulet with a photo of their late sister without ever seeing a face to attach this narrative is to to invite the viewer to form their own account devoid of judgement of background, race, age or physical appearance.

"Aesthetically we decided to take influence from the old Dutch Master still life painters circa 1600. It just so happened that my partner had an exhibition in Amsterdam a few weeks before the shoot and the gallery we were staying with were kind enough to lend us their museum passes for a day. It was a perfect storm, so naturally we spent our time in the Rijksmuseum, we saw Vermeers and Rembrandts but my main interest was directed towards the still life painters.

"I spent time studying Heda’s incredible rendering of metallic objects, and Claesz van Dijek’s immaculate reproduction of fine detail and depth."

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