The 7 ironic truths about successful wedding photographers ...


"Remember when wedding photographers were considered outcasts by editorial, fashion and commercial photographers? In the early 90’s the photography industry hardly lauded wedding photographers for their artistic talents and relegated them to the bottom of the photography food chain. In the last decade however, irony has yielded to deference, as weddings are now one of the most profitable and successful fields in photography.

"Many of today’s wedding photographers enjoy new-found respect and elevated status from clients and colleagues. Some are treated like rock stars, and like many celebrities, these esteemed photographers publish books, develop product lines and yes, hire press agents and secure endorsement deals.

"It’s because so many top-flight wedding photographers are celebrated and command high fees that a “new school” of photographers has emerged. Members of this new breed include a bounty of young, hip photographers as well as a growing number of chic, creative women and even more-recently, seasoned editorial photographers seeking new revenue streams. While many photographers in the new school fuse artful imagery with savvy business skills, not all wedding photographers have been created equal.

"Digital cameras enable neophytes who don’t know an f-stop from a lens cloth to join the party. And because wedding photography has relatively few barriers to entry — all you really need is a website, a price list and a neighborhood coffee house for meetings — the sandbox is getting crowded."

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