Wedding photographers reveal their earliest photos to show how far they've come ...


"Confucius once said that 'the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.' Well, the journey of a thousand weddings begins with one photograph. We asked a handful of wedding photographers to share an early photo that represents their humble beginnings, and a current photo that represents where they are today. Not surprisingly, many of the photographers turned us down.

"Apparently, sharing your vintage photos is not cool.

"Fortunately for you, many of them did respond and had some real winners to share! That’s right — all of these now-successful photographers hacked into their vintage works to pull out some real newbie gems — all for your edification (and enjoyment)!

"Not only did today’s featured photographers share an old photo and a new photo, they took the time to offer some sage advice."

Read more, and see the pictures, here.