How to begin managing your fountain pen collection ...


"Well, that escalated quickly.

"First, it all started with a Platinum Preppy, an innocent Pilot Metropolitan and Varsity. You wanted to give fountain pens a shot because typing out e-mails and putting ideas into a Google Doc lacked any sense of organic feeling. Next, a TWSBI, Lamy Safari and Kaweco Sport piques your interest in more quality pens that everyone always talks about. Then, the slippery slope happens. You've plunked down good money, investing in a Lamy 2000, Pilot Vanishing Point and a Sailor 1911. And the 'point' to it all is this - you've started a pen collection that needs tending like a flock of sheep.

"Keeping a proper rotation of your fountain pens ensures that all of your pens are being worn equally, maintained properly and are enjoyed to their fullest. It's truly heartbreaking (to a pen geek), to find that one neglected pen that was left in a desk drawer some months ago, only to find that it was filled with ink that has since dried up and in need of some serious cleaning (or worse).

This sounds about right. This is what happens when someone buys that first fountain pen. Read more, here.