Everyone, meet Dan Smith the nibsmith (nibmeister, to some) ...


"Every nib, whether in a $1 Jinhao or a $1000 Montblanc, has the exact same components that all effect performance: a feed, tines (usually 2, sometimes 3), and tipping. This means that any nib, regardless of brand, price, or material, can write just as well as any other nib. Every nib has the potential to be the best writing nib you’ve ever used.

"The unfortunate truth about fountain pens is that no matter how much you spend, you’re just not guaranteed to get a great writing experience out of the box. I’ve tuned & smoothed just as many $700+ luxury writing instruments as I have sub-$100 writers.

"My advice to those looking for the smoothest nib out there: Stop hunting and send your current pen to a professional. It’ll save you a lot of money and even more grief.

"Even if your current pens all write well, there’s several ways to make them more interesting."

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