What unlimited online storage really looks like for professional photographers ...


"Unlimited storage plus the power of PhotoShelter’s tools just may change the way many photographers work. Imagine the things you can do with a fully searchable archive of every photo you’ve ever taken, available to you and your clients anytime, anywhere, in it’s original file type and size.

"Sure, there are plenty of other services boasting “unlimited storage” options, but ours provides some very important distinctions. As we looked around at these other services, we realized that most offers are gimmicks with very real limitations, and often they’re a poor fit for the needs of pro photographers. Generally, the pitfalls are the same across services – file type limitations (often JPG only) and file size limitations (e.g. most range from 64MB to 2GB maximum before they start charging you more). In other cases, pure storage may exist, but then you can’t really do anything of value with your images once uploaded.

"So, our unlimited storage offering is truly unique."

My own online professional photography portfolio, www.dominiquejames.com, is on PhotoShelter. I've been with PhotoShelter for almost two years now, and so far, I see no reason to move to a different, competing service. As I've said before, my only regret is that I didn't sign up with PhotoShelter sooner. I believe no other service comes close to providing what PhotoShelter is offering, and it just keeps on getting better and better.

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