Wedding photography through a commercial photographer's lens ...


"There was a time when I guess you could have called me a wedding photographer. Although at that point you could have really called me an ‘anything’ photographer. It was early in my career. At that point in time I would have photographed a cat eating belly button lint if someone had paid me to do so.

"As it turned out, being a wedding photographer didn’t really pop my strobe. I’m more of a problem-solving photographer. Planning a shot in advance, scouting, and making it a reality when conditions are right is the kind of creativity I really enjoy investing in my photo shoots.

"When I do an architectural shoot I’ll often walk around the building for hours exploring angles and finding the perfect way to fit the structure into the surroundings. On an adventure shoot it’s always about scouting the location and figuring out the perfect time of day for the best possible light, and then returning with everything needed and waiting for the magic moment.

"I have made models or athletes reset a dozens of times to get a variety for the final selects. With wedding photography it’s one and done. Hope they didn’t blink. I have enormous respect for wedding photographers who take on that challenge every weekend, it’s just not for me. I quickly moved to architectural photography and adventure and hospitality lifestyle photos, and left the blushing brides behind.

"Until I got a call from Kayla."

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