How to photograph family gatherings ...


"Whether during traditional holidays or a spontaneous visit, family gatherings create memories of time spent together.

"I want my children to have fond memories of visits with our extended family. I love them so much, and I want my kids to love them, too. My brother always jokes with me that if we don't have a picture of it, it's like it never happened. Well, that may not be entirely true, but a vast majority of my childhood memories are from pictures that remind me, or emblazon that memory deeper into my brain. So, yes, I want my kids to remember the importance of getting together with family and how good it feels, so it's important to me to document those times.

"When we get together as a family, I am generally the documentarian. I like to remember details, and I capture our family gatherings from a storytelling perspective. I think about what I want to remember in 20 years and what I want my kids to remember when they are older. Here are some tips on how to capture family gatherings as a storyteller."

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