Making a real movie with an iPhone ...


"Tangerine is a movie so vivid and real that you feel like you’re walking the streets of Los Angeles with its main characters. The film takes place on Christmas Eve, which in Hollywood is just another warm day, and the cinematography radiates that heat. But as you trail behind best friends Sin-Dee and Alexandra as they search for Sin-Dee’s cheating boyfriend, you’d never realize that with an iPhone, you too could create that scene.

"Tangerine director Sean Baker used his iPhone 5s to direct the movie, the first iPhone film shot in scope, which you wouldn’t guess if you saw it on the big screen (and you should—it’s now playing). Tangerine isn’t composed of shaky handheld footage, like the terrible videos littered throughout my Camera Roll. It looks cinematic.

"Baker used a few filmmaking tips and tricks to polish his iPhone-shot dailies, but he says literally anyone can re-create what he did—and maybe even see the finished product debut at Sundance Film Festival, like Tangerine did this year. I asked Baker how he pulled it off and what equipment amateur filmmakers can use to turn their iPhone videos into Sundance films."

Read the interview, and learn vaulable tips, here.