Capture One Pro, potential replacement for Aperture ...


"When Apple discontinued Aperture in favor of Photos for OS X—sacrificing most of the features that appealed to Aperture users—the presumed replacement was Adobe’s Lightroom CC. But not all photographers are drawn to Lightroom.

"Phase One’s Capture One Pro offers many of the features that Aperture users expect. It’s an organizer that stores, tracks, and remembers information about all of your photos; and it’s also a sophisticated image editor that allows you to make adjustments such as cropping, exposure, and color changes.

"The question is, how well does it perform in these areas? The core features are there for photographers looking to replace Aperture or expand beyond Photos for OS X, yet I was also often stymied by missing features or unnecessary speed bumps. Let’s step through a typical workflow and see where it excels and where it needs more work."

When Apple announced that it was going to stop development and support for it's professional photography management and editing app for the Mac called Aperture, my natural gut instinct was to port everything to Adobe's Lightroom. Lightroom, after all, was considered by many in the industry to be Aperture's arch-rival. Yet, since that announcement and up to this time, I haven't really done anything to transfer and convert my entire photo library and workflow to Lightroom. I tried to get to know Lightroom more, and I made some initial trial workflow setup, but I'm far from making a definitive move. I can see, of course, the many advantages of going all the way with Adobe's Lightroom, especially because of Photoshop and the whole ecosystem that Adobe has been more actively developing and more aggressively marketing of late, but it doesn't mean I'm not open to other viable alternatives out there. One of those "viable" alternatives that I'm considering is Capture One Pro. In fact, based on my initial impression, it seems to me that Capture One Pro is what Aperture should have been all along or what it should be.

Read the review and see if you think the same way, here.