Black model has to bring her own makeup to fashion shows ...


"There's a reason makeup comes in so many different shades: Your unique skin shade and tone requires equally particular makeup application. What works for one person looks unnatural on another.

"Yet even backstage at fashion shows, it seems many makeup artists are still unfamiliar how to adapt makeup for different skin colors, especially for darker-skinned individuals.

"Sudanese model Nykhor Paul communicated her frustration as a dark-skinned woman in a largely light-skinned fashion industry, via Instagram post. Paul, 25, who has modeled on runways from Balenciaga to Vivienne Westwood, calls out makeup artists for their ignorance and unwillingness to accommodate diversity.

"'Why do I have to bring my own makeup to a professional show when all the other white girls don’t have to do anything but show up ... Don’t try and make me feel bad because I am blue black, it’s 2015 [sic],' Paul writes."

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