Should we listen to critics or show them the door?


"There seems to always be someone who doesn’t get what we are doing. Someone who finds our work so desperately appalling as to cause them to sit at a keyboard and tell us that we are wrong… our work is wrong… our art is wrong.

"It’s just wrong, dagnabbit!

"And all this time, we were laboring under the impression that we were creating, or trying to create, something that others would find appealing. Now we find out that our very core is, well, wrong. And what does that mean?

"How can a piece of art, a photograph, a frame from our experience be 'wrong?'

"Critics. They produce nothing. They rarely know much about the art we create, or why we create it. They are usually not prepared for actually having much to say, rather it is the saying of that nothing that is their reason for being."

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