Why I'll never become Ambassador ...


"Ambassadors should be able to eat anything with anyone, and not just gorge like a hungry peon (someone called my rice-and-pancit combo 'pagkaing obrero') but dine intelligently, knowledgeably, with the ability to make off-the-cuff remarks like 'Don’t you just love the tanginess and the fruitiness of this Dréan d’Auvergne? It’s a bit more complex than the St. Nectaire, don’t you agree?' (Thanks to cheesenotes.com for the technical details.)

"The only place I can imagine not having this culinary quandary would be China—where I’ve gone pretty often because, as I told Beng, I was sure to find a lot of yummy Chinese food there—but I’d hate to tell my Chinese hosts what I really thought of the nine-dash line, and I’d hate to have to explain, on the rebound, why bright kids with Chinese names can create such a fuss on Pinoy Facebook."

Frank, honest, down-to-earth. And yes, always insightful, always entertaining, always a nugget. These are some of the best qualities I find in the writings of Butch Dalisay, be it an essay or a book. I love reading everything that Butch writes about, and he makes it all so very interesting and so very fascinating, even on subjects and topics I would have never thought I'd be interested or fascinated about.

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