12 things you should know about the Apple Watch before buying it ...


"Every time I meet someone and they notice the Apple Watch on my wrist, they ask me the same question: So.... How is it?


"I’ve tasked myself to fully integrate the Apple Watch into my every day in order to understand it’s full potential. To my surprise, the process of doing so felt a little bit like a burden since I had to constantly remind myself to actually USE it in order to form my opinion."

I've been using the Apple Watch daily since I got mine, and I can understand the points raised in this piece. Though I don't generally agree with all of them based on personal experience, the author's observations are quite valid. For me, I love using my Apple Watch despite its apparent version 1.0 shortcomings. In a nutshell, I can say though that for a first-generation wearable product that is nothing short of revolutionary, Apple got most things right, and that, in itself, is a marvel, considering how many others have entered the fray, and failed--miserably. I guess, it boils down to enjoying the ownership and use of a piece of wearable technology, and making the most out of it. To put things in perspective, and in a general sense, there's still nothing out there right now that comes close to what Apple has achieved with the Apple Watch. For sure, future iterations will improve upon the current one, and I'm certainly looking forward to it.

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