Camera cleaning, 5 ways to healthcheck your camera with confidence ...


"Dust, dirt and moisture can all take their toll on your expensive kit, so it pays to keep it all in tip-top condition. Here’s a five-item camera cleaning checklist that every photographer should read.

"A little time spent cleaning the sensor of your camera will help you avoid spending loads of time cloning out dust spots from your pictures, but it’s also worth checking your lenses, the outside of the camera and even other pieces of kit to help keep it all in good working order.

"It’s also worth checking that the software inside your camera is up to date, so the final check on this list is updating the firmware of your camera.

"How often you need to check each item will obviously depend on how often you use your camera, and the conditions you’re shooting in, but if you shoot regularly it’s well worth checking the main items around once a month, to help you keep on top of the dirt and dust."

Read the tips, here.