Discovering Spotify's Discover Weekly ...


"I was shocked by my experience with the first playlist that [Spotify's] Discover Weekly generated for me this week.... I would estimate that I found about eighty percent of that to be really enjoyable, tracks that made me curious about the albums they came from and the artists that recorded them.... I can’t say enough about how pleasantly surprising this playlist is; after listening to it repeatedly since trying it out for the first time yesterday, it’s harder and harder to believe that it wasn’t compiled for me by a real person—someone with a vast knowledge of music and who also happened to know my music preferences intimately. If a friend had made this exact playlist for me, that person would be just about the coolest person I know."

I wanted to fully articulate to a friend how happy and pleasantly surprised I've been with Spotify's new personalized and tailored Discover Weekly music playlist. Two weeks in, I still can't believe how much Spotify totally understands and totally gets my taste in music. Spotify's Discover Weekly is refreshed every Monday. It's a small measure of joy that's something to look forward to when the most difficult day of the week rolls in.

I actually have one nit to pick, the personalized Discover Weekly playlist is about 2 hours long, which I think is quite short. I'm left wanting to hear more. I wish they'd make it twice longer, with twice more the number of songs.

Read Khoi Vinh's astute observations, based on his personal experience, which reflects mine as well, about Spotify's Discover Week music playlist, here.