The Loop is one of the most insightful sources of info on all things Apple ...

Day to day, I follow news about Apple.

In fact, I've been following Apple for more than a decade now. I started with one or two sources a long time ago, and lately, I get my fix from at least half-a-dozen tech-oriented websites and individual Apple-oriented blogs, along with several excellent podcasts on the side (yeah, mostly from Myke Hurley and Stephen Hackett's Relay FM and Dan Benjamin's 5by5) .

I've got a number of favorite go-to online sources of information about Apple that I automatically check several times throughout the day--John Gruber's Daring Fireball, Jason Snell and Dan Moren and "friends's" Six Colors, Federico Viticci's MacStories, Marco Arment's, and also Macworld and iMore, among others. (Together with the podcasts, there's some kind of synergy definitely going on around here!)

But all this time, and until recently, I wasn't paying attention to one particular source, Jim Dalrymple's (and David Mark's) The Loop.

How foolish have I been!

It's not that I don't know of Dalrymple and The Loop. I just never got around to checking it out as assiduously as I do my usual online sources.

However, for some reason, of late, and maybe because of the ruckus that Jim raised about Apple Music, I started paying close attention and became so much more interested in what's on The Loop. I even began to include it, for the past three days in a row at least, as one of my go-to sources.

So far, I've seen some really awesome stuff on The Loop that's not touched by or covered on any other, even if it's just a link to something else.

Now, I don't share Jim Dalrymple's taste in music. (In fairness, I don't think he'll appreciate my taste in music either, so we're quite even.) But other than that one small matter, his writings and his blog, The Loop, has become, an instant personal favorite as a trusted source of information for all things Apple. I'm sure I'm just imagining it, but there's something really endearing with which Jim writes and selects the subjects that are covered on The Loop. (Yes, even if he's ranting.)

If you're not yet doing so, check out and bookmark and follow along Jim Dalrymple's and David Mark's The Loop, here.