How to take better photos for Instagram ...


"When Instagram first started out, it was an app that gave life to the not-so-sharp photos from our phones.

"In the beginning there was an air of it being snubbed by the photography elite but as time has gone on, the app has become a rite of passage for budding photographers and brands alike.

"Instagram has created a real community of people who are embracing mobile photography as a platform for self-expression as much as they are for selfies and sales.

"The evolution of its newsfeed tells a tale of its own. In the beginning, photos had a truthful naivety to them with minimal editing. Now, the photos that are posted go through a rigorous process of editing and consideration before they get shared.

"When Facebook bought Instagram, it had 22 million active users. Today, there are more than 300 million people actively sharing over 70 million photos and videos every day.

"Despite growing at an awesome rate, Instagram has managed to stay true to its creative community, continuously challenging and shaping the world of mobile photography.

"From making its square format a new shooting standard to educating non-photographers on the power of a tilt-shift or texture in images, it doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned photographer or your phone is your only tool, Instagram works for everyone from the President of the United States and Beyonce to brands like Nike or even people’s pets.

"So, whether you’ve just been documenting shenanigans from nights out or if you’ve never posted a thing, I’ve come up with some pointers to help up your insta-game."

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