Pure images are a myth ...


"As the years have gone by, I have been pushing myself further and further away from the “obvious” photographic opportunities and more toward the 'unseen,' as well as toward creating images from 'scratch' (i.e., using props and/or models, and creating compositions that are in fact inspired in part by observing the world around me or simply writing down those ideas that seem to pop in my head over the course of a day). In many but not all cases, these photographs are what some would call 'staged' or 'propped.'

"Yes, staged or propped, and I cannot stress those words enough! And just so we are all clear here about what I’m saying, staging or propping a photograph simply means that I might be adding something to or subtracting something from the photo, or that I’m about to re-create a street scene that I wasn’t quick enough to react to on the first go around so I ask the person to 'do it again!'

"Many photographers are purists. How do I know? I’ve met them at the many slide shows and lectures I’ve given around the world, and many have taken the time to write me and share their staunch belief that 'staging' or 'propping' a photograph is tantamount to 'kidnapping.' The argument is always the same: don’t mess with the 'natural' scene before you; shoot it just as it is!"

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