Free downloadable photo guides from PhotoShelter ...

Many people may not know it, but PhotoShelter, a well-established web hosting service for photographers portfolio, has been regularly publishing incredibly information-rich and well-researched guides on many topics that are primarily directed to photographers.

The guides, which are easily downloadable and viewable in PDF format, contains many helpful and useful information designed to arm photographers with the latest and most accurate information on all sorts of subjects. Examples of really helpful subjects covered are: how to break into commercial and editorial photography, SEO guides for photographers, how to market your photography, how to sell photo prints, among others.

Whatever the topic may be, the aim of the PhotoShelter guides is always the same: to help photographers succeed in the increasingly competitive field of photography by providing them with competitive knowledge.

Surprisingly, anyone can get access to the guides for free, and it's definitely one of the best ways to spend time learning more about photography and the industry, and how to become successful in the field.

To browse through all the published PhotoShelter guides, and to download them for free, click here.