Travel portraiture, toward a deeper understanding of place ...


"Travel portraiture can be one of the most difficult forms of photography, but it is also one of the most rewarding. As photographers, we begin daydreaming of the perfect image even before we pack our bags. Imagining a craggy face set against the soaring cliffs of Amalfi, or a robed woman gliding through the brilliant, winding streets of the Chefchaouen medina, we can easily see ourselves there, capturing the essence of the place. Upon arrival, though, the location is often overwhelming, the travel exhausting, and the language barriers daunting. We end up coming home with “tourist” photos that look just like everyone else’s and don’t reflect our unique experience or get to the heart of the people who live there.

"Some photographers will talk about equipment until they’re blue in the face. I believe that you need the proper camera equipment to execute your vision, but I also believe that developing an understanding and passion for the people and places that you’re photographing is just as important. My personal practice as a photographer is driven by the overwhelming desire to understand and document the lives of others. The honor of being allowed a glimpse into the lives of others shouldn’t be taken lightly and it is our responsibility as photographers to make powerful and thought-provoking images of all that we see. How to ensure that we’re doing that?"

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