Uncovering the human side of job search with Brandon Stanton ...


"After family and health, career events have the biggest impact on people’s lives. And rightfully so—our career decisions and daily career-related activities can significantly influence our stress, happiness and overall perceptions of ourselves.

"Talent professionals are often responsible for helping people through moments of career change by introducing them to new jobs or bringing them into a new role. Empathy is an asset for recruiters in these moments, and hearing people’s stories is a great way to develop that kind of empathy.

"Brandon Stanton, photographer and blogger for Humans of New York, uncovers these types of stories through interviews and street portraits of New Yorkers. He started the blog in 2010 and has since documented thousands of short stories and photographs of strangers in New York City. Many of his subjects’ narratives are focused on work and careers."

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